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Time Magazine August, 1998

Giovanni Ribisi, right, has been in good movies, like Saving Private Ryan, and bad movies, like The Postman. He's had more than a few flings with TV. (Who could forget the immortal My Two Dads?) But The Mod Squad is his first experience with a movie made from a TV show. His approach? Take it all very seriously.

"Even if I do a porno movie, I want it to be proud," he says.
But he and co-stars Claire Danes and Omar Epps, have their work cut out for them if they want profundity from a remake of The Mod Squad, one of the most delightfully cheesy shows ever to grace our blinking blue screens. How serious can one be with that happenin' '70's wardrobe?
"It became a lot more serious since I was involved," insists Ribisi.
Then he confides he's doing the phone interview in a kung fu outfit. Solid.

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