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Ribisi does his research
By LOUIS B. HOBSON Calgary Sun March 1, 1999

Giovanni Ribisi plays the mentally handicapped young man in The Other Sister. Known as one of Hollywood's new breed of method actors, Ribisi admits he did weeks of intense research.

"I observed and spoke to dozens of mentally handicapped adults, so that I could achieve the proper speech patterns, eye movements and walk," admits Ribisi. "I had my wife take dozens of photographs of me in character, so that I would always know each morning what I should look like. "I tried to stay in character for as long as possible on a film, but with this one, I didn't dare bring the character home. "We just had our baby, so I didn't want to terrify her. "But also my wife said I'd have to sleep out on the lawn if I stayed in character."
Ribisi, who played one of the soldiers in Saving Private Ryan, is in The Mod Squad, which opens March 26. He is also set to film an episode of The Hunger.
"My episode is going to be directed by Tony Scott and will star David Bowie. I couldn't be more excited."