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Tuned Out
By Liane Bonin Entertainment Weekly March 4, 1999

'The Other Sister' star Giovanni Ribisi tells EW Online why he isn't laughing about his sitcom past

If you thought your old junior high school pictures were embarrassing, Giovanni Ribisi can do you one better. While the 23-year-old actor is currently starring in such big-screen fare as "The Other Sister" (No. 3 on the charts) and "The Mod Squad" (opening April 2), he got his start as a child actor on the sitcoms "My Two Dads," "Blossom," and "The Wonder Years." While rubbing shoulders with Joey Lawrence may have been a thrill almost a decade ago, Ribisi is aiming a little higher these days.

"I don't want to apologize for that anymore," says Ribisi of his past credits. "But I kind of want to segue out of TV because movies and theater are so much more liberating, more creative. I feel like I've done TV already."
For fans of "Friends," this means that Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe probably won't be hanging out with her half brother anytime soon. Ribisi played Frank Jr., the slightly dimwitted sibling who convinced Phoebe to act as a surrogate mother for him and his wife. But Ribisi tells EW Online that he's learned his lesson about accepting a role he isn't passionate about.
"I've been in that situation of taking something for the wrong reasons," he says. "It's one of the biggest regrets I've had because it becomes embarrassing for me. I don't want to be controlled or manipulated by fear that my career is going to go into the toilet if I don't take a role."

Source: entertainment weekly