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Labor of Love
By Liane Bonin Entertainment Weekly February 8, 1999

'Mod Squad' star Giovanni Ribisi tells EW Online how making a movie with Juliette Lewis' brother led to a wife and a baby

With starring roles in Oscar fave "Saving Private Ryan" and the upcoming silver-screen version of "The Mod Squad" (opening March 26), Giovanni Ribisi's career is clearly in overdrive. But the 23-year-old actor says there's one movie that's really changed his life -- and you may never get to see it. Actress Juliette Lewis ("Natural Born Killers") and her brother Lightfield are longtime friends of Ribisi's, so when Lightfield decided to shoot a video short, Ribisi signed up for the job, thinking it might be a fun diversion between films. Little did he realize he'd still be working on the shoot three years later.

"What started out as a demo reel has become a feature film," and a bare-bones one at that, Ribisi tells EW Online. "Lightfield's a one-person crew with a video camera, and you just work until you get it. We did one scene on fifty different occasions."
Luckily, all the hard work has paid off as more than an acting exercise for Ribisi. While filming he began a romance with the woman he would later marry, Mariah. They're now the parents of an 18-month-old baby girl named Lucia.
"We started dating on the movie," says Ribisi, "and I've gotten married over that time and had a baby -- and the thing is, the movie is still going on."

Source: entertainment weekly